The Dawson Program

Corrective Vibrational Sound Therapy


Highly Effective

The Dawson Program views the human body as a naturally self creating, self correcting system when given the opportunity ot do so.

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IICT Accredited

A realigning of the body's energy systems greatly impacts the the body's life force. It is the missing link in the Western medical model.

Energy Healing


I am based in Australia. Sessions can be done from anyway in the world using live online streaming or telephone or in person if you live locally.

Energy Healing Therapy

The Dawson Program is a corrective energy therapy system. It uses specific healing frequencies to adjust and align the body’s energy flows.

The human body is a naturally self-creating and self-correcting system. Health issues can arise when the self-correcting mechanisms are interfered with and energy flow through the body is obstructed.

The Dawson System of energy healing deals with the root cause of ill health rather than merely treating the symptoms. It works by realigning energy flows with the body’s natural blueprint, thereby prompting better wellbeing.

The Dawson Program works in tandem with Western medicine to aid in faster recovery from ill health or injury. It is also used as an energy therapy preventative treatment. By maintaining closer alignment with the body’s energy blueprint, better general good health can be promoted.

Vibrational healing with intent
Vibrational Kinesiology

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Vibrational Kinesiology Sessions



Allow 90 - 120 mins for a first correction



Allow 2 hours minimum


Follow Up

Allow up to 1 hour

Animal Sessions

Cats and Dogs

Usually done in the absent


Is the Dawson Program Energy Therapy
suitable for me?

  • Are you suffering from general ill health?
  • Do you feel like things are “not right” but you can’t pin it down?
  • Have other treatments not worked for you?

The Dawson Program asks the body what it needs for its own healing; the best way to return to its natural, healthy “blueprint”. Once the optimal method is discovered, treatment can begin.


Your Therapist

Susan Ormsby is a (certified) practitioner of the Dawson Program and has had success with treating many clients. Her innate empathy with clients is one of her strengths as a practitioner.

Customers Reviews

Customers Say the Nicest Things

The difference in my childrens resilience to health issues and just overall 'happiness' has been very noticeable.

S. S.

Thank you so much for everything! You are absolutely amazing! I have loved working with you over the past few months.

P. C.

I have been working with Susan on and off for a couple of years. She is so well attuned to my body and energy, I feel a real connection when we get together and I look forward to our sessions. Susan is so generous with her time and energy, if I have a problem that comes up between sessions, I can get a quick phone in and she will 'clear' it on the spot! Truly a gentle, deeply energetic and healing woman. I highly recommend her.


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