A mother’s search for healing…

Vibrational healing with intentWhen you ask for a miracle, the universe will sometimes answer in a mysterious way.

If you trust yourself and go on the journey, life gets better and you never look back. That’s how it was when I discovered the Dawson Program.

I began studying complementary therapies due to a series of illnesses in my family. Both my parents and a sibling had cancer. Mum survived cancer but later had a heart attack and an aortic aneurysm.

Our children, the three beautiful girls my partner and I share, also faced health challenges ranging from leukaemia, scoliosis, and severe immune deficiency.

Searching for solutions and peace of mind, I enrolled in a two-year Diploma of Applied Parapsychology and learned about chakra healing, auras, meridians, and crystal therapy.

One day I met Cameron Dawson at an expo and something, intuition perhaps, sparked my interest. He mentioned working with sound therapy on postural issues. I had no clue what it meant, but our eldest girl had very bad scoliosis, so I took her to see him.

Our first session with Cameron was a unique experience. He used sound bowls and high-pitched tones and for a moment I wondered what we’d got into. Nevertheless, we trusted and I’m glad we did.

Cameron used sound frequency healing and intent to balance the electrical systems of the body. In one session the curvature of my daughter’s spine dramatically. Not only that, my lopsided shoulders also straightened. This was like a miracle to me. Our whole family benefited from his techniques over the years.

What is the Dawson Program?

Cameron had done research into ancient healing techniques and body systems such as the meridian systems and chakra healing, and discovered how emotions, physical shock, and toxic shock can leave a blockage or residue within the body. This distorts the lifeforce (or energy systems) and leads to dis-ease.  

He developed the Dawson Program using the sounds from ancient Tibetan sound bowls, bells, and horns to harmonise the body’s blueprint. There is no diagnosis involved. His target was always to treat the cause rather than the symptoms.

Shamans and healers of ancient civilizations knew our bodies are naturally self-creating and self-correcting systems. They resonate with certain healing frequencies, for example, Gregorian chanting and sound healing. Vibrational sounds, when played in specific sequences and at particular pitches assist the body to naturally realign to health.

Spontaneous healing

One night my youngest daughter woke up drenched in blood from a nosebleed. She was only four at the time. We rushed her to the hospital and were given the devastating news that she had aplastic anaemia, a close relative to leukaemia.

One of the oncology doctors wanted to start her treatment straightaway, but another doctor, an older and gentler man, saw our distress. Realising we needed to recover from the shock, he delayed treatment by a few days and sent us home.

During that reprieve, I took my daughter to see Cameron in Melbourne. He told me children were easy to work on and only spent a few minutes attending to her. The rest of the time he tended to the others.

The following week we returned to the hospital where my daughter had blood tests done before seeing the doctor. I still remember his face upon hearing the results. He asked pathology to check again, thinking they had the wrong patient.

Incredibly, my daughter’s levels had moved past the danger zone. Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t well. But there was obvious movement in the right direction, so they chose to monitor her instead.

She never underwent any treatment; her body healed itself over time. To me, this was another miracle of what is possible with our bodies. The doctor called it spontaneous healing. He never asked us what brought about the change.

Healing frequencies

Although Cameron passed away in 2003, his senior instructors have continued his vital work. In 2019 I underwent stringent training and became a certified practitioner myself. I now use this wonderful technique with clients.

The Dawson Program uses healing frequencies to adjust and align the body’s energy flows. As practitioners, we use a series of questions and kinesiology to ask the subconscious what the body requires. We work in tandem with western medicine for a faster recovery.

Have you been seeking a different way of energy healing? Reach out for further information or a session.

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