The Dawson Program

An Energy Healing Therapy Using Healing Frequencies

Objects, sounds, colours, and smells can be imbued with specific healing frequencies. These frequencies are used to align a person’s chakras, meridians, and energy flow to prompt greater health and healing.

The Dawson Program is a holistic therapy which contains techniques to sub-consciously question the subjects own mind and body. This lets the subjects mind and body determine the necessary healing frequencies to apply to itself.

These frequencies help assist with the realignment of malfunctioning electrical fields in the body. Meridian and Chakra healing occurs through this process, clearing the obstructions in energy flow.

Determining the specific method of adjustments and alignments occurs during the first stage of therapy; the questioning phase. Based upon the sub-conscious answers received from the body, various methods can be employed for adjustments.

Types of Therapy

Vibrational Sound Healing Therapy

Sound healing is an often used method with the Dawson Program. Through devices such as Tibetan sound bowls and tuning forks in therapy, the practitioner seeks to realign the body’s energy flow.

Whilst sound bowl healing and tuning fork therapy are the most commonly used techniques, sound therapy is not limited to these. Each subject’s needs will be different.

Healing Colour Therapy

Healing Colour Therapy is another alternative therapy used in energy healing vibrational medicine. Through the use of threads charged with specific healing colours to make energy adjustments, colour therapy can aid in boosting overall health.

Energised Essential Oil Therapy

Specific essential oils deliver different healing energy frequencies. Sometimes the body requests treatment with the healing frequencies provided by a given essential oil.

Other Treatments

Sometimes a client’s energy requests a more unusual item to assist in its realignment. These can include plants, crystals, or other objects exhibiting specific frequencies.

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