Individual Session


The first session can be done from anywhere in the world using google meet and your computer.

The initial session can easily take up to two hours, so please set aside the uninterrupted time with no distractions and complete privacy.

We will do a check of all the lifeforce systems and any impediments to these systems working at their optimal for you.

Family Session


Yes, we can do a check on the whole family. Again allow at least two hours (possibly more) for the intitial session.

Usually I will work with both parents and if the children are young, then I will use the primary caregiver, usually the mother, as a surrogate to ask questions about the children.

If the children are older, then separate sessions may be a better fit.

Follow Up Session


Usually a client will require 2 - 3 sessions. Sometimes more.

After the initial session, then we ask the body when the next session is required, so any fine tuning can take place.

The timeline for this process can be anywhere from four to twelve weeks. Occasionally more sessions may be required. Again, your body will determine what is necessary.

Cats and Dogs

Animal Sessions

Yes, cats and dogs have lifeforce systems as well and they can be very sensitive to their owners needs.

Although some might say, the pets actually own the people!

For cats and dogs, the sessions are done in the absent. Meaning, I just require the name of the animal and a picture. Most people will notice their pets becoming calmer.

Book a Consultation

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